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Secure-SIP-Server allows you a simple encrypted voice, video and data communication

Normally the data packets from regular phones and SoftPhones are transmitted unencrypted over the telephone line or the Internet. The resulting potential to listen the talks, videos and data can only be prevented by a encryption of the connection.
The software required (SoftPhone) for an encrypted communication is provided by different suppliers, partly free. Since the SoftPhones are somewhere on the internet and occasionally change their IP address, you need a server who knows where the desired SoftPhone is. This service is provided to you by our TLS-server. It allows an easy and secure connection between the logged SoftPhones. Wherever they are.
Our server serves for the registration of your SoftPhones, and for the assembly and disassembly of encrypted connections to your phone partners. Your talk, video or data packets themselves are not passed over our server, as it is common with most other vendors, but encrypted on the direct route between the affected SoftPhones via the Internet to each other (peer-to-peer). So we avoid another possibility to listen the connection.

Register here, install a TLS-capable SoftPhone such as "PhonerLite" on your computer, type in the login information displayed in your profile and from now on make encrypted calls to each other registered user.
An encrypted connection to external networks is currently not possible because the conventional telephone network and most SIP providers do not support encrypted connections.
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